SASS and Information Office of Shanghai Municipality Jointly Held the Third Session of “Chinese and International Media Academic Salon—20th National Congress Series”, Interpreting Central Economic Working Conference 2022

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On the afternoon of December 28, 2022, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS) andInformation Office of Shanghai Municipality jointly held the third session of online “Chinese and International Media Academic Salon—20th National Congress Series”. Three experts, including Xu Mingqi, Research Professor, Vice Chairman of SASS China Center for International Economic Exchanges Shanghai Branch and President of Shanghai Institute for European Studies, Sun Lixing, Research Professor, Director of International Investment Research Office of SASS Institute of World Economy and Deputy Secretary-General of China Society of World Economics, and Zhan Yubo, Research Professor and Director of Western Economics Research Office of SASS Institute of Economics, have delivered keynote speeches to interpret the principles of Central Economic Working Conference 2022 and analyze the current conditions and future of the world economy, China's economy and Shanghai's economy. They also interacted with media reporters from China and abroad. The activity was hosted by Wu Xueming, Director of Publicity Department, CPC SASS Committee and Director of Scientific Research Achievement Communication Office, SASS.
Nearly 30 media outlets participated in the salon and interacted with three experts.