Shanghai Economic Forum 2022 “International Competitiveness of Shanghai Industries” Held Online

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On the afternoon of July 15th, 2022, Shanghai Economic Forum “Improving Competitiveness, Innovative Capacity and Risk Resistance Capacity in All Respects: 2022 International Competitiveness Enhancement for Shanghai Industries” was held.

Shen Weihua, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, delivered a speech. Prof. Zhang Zhao’an, Former Deputy President of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Prof. Chen Zilei from School of International Trade and Economics, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, delivered keynote speeches. Prof. Zhang Zhao’an focused on the theme “International Competitiveness of Shanghai Industries in the Changing World”. Prof. Chen Zilei shared his thoughts with the theme “New Changes in International Economic and Trade Rules and Choices for Enterprises”.

“2022 International Competitiveness of Shanghai Industries” series forums are held online, consisting of three themes, namely, “Recent Global Economic Situation and Shanghai's Economic Competitiveness”, “Innovation Drive and International Competitiveness Enhancement for Shanghai Industries” and “The Resilience of Industrial Chain & Supply Chain and International Competitiveness Enhancement for Industries”. This event is the first forum, attracting over 100 participants from the academic and commercial communities in Shanghai.