President Zhang Daogen Met with Lui Tuck Yew (Singaporean Ambassador to China) and His Entourage

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On September 15, 2020, Lui Tuck Yew, Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore to China, visited SASS. Zhang Daogen, President and Research Professor of SASS, extended a warm welcome to the ambassador and his entourage. Both sides shared views upon strengthening China-Singapore economic and social ties, cooperation and exchange. ChuaTengHoe, Consul General of the Republic of Singapore in Shanghai, accompanied during the whole time of the visit.

President Zhang Daogen at first expressed his congratulations to the grand opening of “The Baoli Era: Treasures from the Tang Shipwreck Collection” jointly organized by China and Singapore in Shanghai, and hailed the close cooperation between Chinese and Singaporean cultural circles. According to him, the exchanges between China and Singapore date back to long long ago. This shipwreck of the Tang Dynasty reveals the early trade history between China and Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries, and bears witness to thousands of years of exchanges between China and the rest of the world. Under the new situation, connectivity, mutual benefit, cooperation and exchange are more urgently needed by all countries in the world. No country can develop in isolation. The Chinese President Xi Jinping proposes to jointly build “a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind”. China is a staunch defender and booster of economic globalization, and always insists on opening to the outside world.China will open its door wider to the outside world. Under the complex and severe international situation at present, economic globalization has encountered backflows, but the general trend will not reverse. China will unswervingly deepen reform and opening-up, focus on playing its own role, adapt to changes in the international and domestic development environments and conditions, and accelerate the formation of a new development pattern with domestic and international major cycles as the mainstay and mutual promotion of domestic and international dual cycles. China must give full play to the advantages of the super-large market, strengthen the drive of scientific and technological innovation, stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the whole society, maintain the sustained, sound and stable economic development, continuously improve the people's living standards, and allow the development results to benefit the broadest masses of people. President Zhang Daogen also introduced to the ambassador the cooperation and exchange projects and achievements made by SASS and Singaporean academic institutions. According to him, China and Singapore have broad prospects for cooperation and exchange in various fields and at all aspects, and they should continue to leverage their respective strengths and advantages, and make progress in closer cooperation.

Ambassador Lui Tuck Yew spoke highly of the achievements of cooperation between China and Singapore in archaeological and cultural exchanges, and briefly introduced the ongoing exhibition jointly organized by Shanghai Museum and Asian Civilization Museum of Singapore. According to him, as one of the important events in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Singapore and China, this exhibition not only demonstrates the extremely superb craftsmanship of ancient Chinese craftsmen and the extraordinary ingenuity of mankind, but also highlights the long history of exchanges among Southeast Asian countries. He reviewed the time-honored history of mutual benefit, cooperation and exchange between China and Singapore, and highly praised the Chinese Government's effectiveness in launching pandemic prevention and control, saving people's lives and quickly recovering economic operations. Ambassador Lui Tuck Yew also spoke highly of the cooperation between SASS and relevant Singaporean universities and institutions, and promised to continuously support both sides to strengthen cooperation and exchange in the field of scientific research.

Moreover, both sides also exchanged views on other topics of common concern. Shen Kaiyan, Director and Research Professor of Institute of Economics, attended the meeting.