Xu Wei, Secretary of the CPC SASS Committee, Met with Chua Teng Hoe Delegation

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On October 27, 2020, a delegation, headed by Chua Teng Hoe, Consul General of Singapore in Shanghai, visited SASS. Xu Wei, Secretary of the CPC SASS Committee, met with Mr. Chua Teng Hoe and his entourages. Both parties exchanged views on such topics as post-pandemic bilateral relations between China and Singapore and Shanghai-Singapore cooperation.


Xu Wei extended a warm welcome to the Singaporean guests, and expressed his gratitude to Consul General Chua Teng Hoe and Consulate General of Singapore in Shanghai for facilitating the friendly exchanges between SASS and relevant Singaporean universities and think tanks for a long time. According to Xu Wei, Shanghai is sparing no effort to take pandemic prevention and control measures, escort people’s life safety and physical health, steadily restore the normal order of social production and life at a faster pace, promote economic development, optimize business environment, and enhance the effectiveness of urban governance. Singapore’s experience in modern service industry, business environment and other fields is of important learning and reference significances for Shanghai. SASS will further intensify exchanges with relevant Singaporean universities and think tanks, and launch more extensive and in-depth cooperation in the fields of common concern.


Consul General Chua Teng Hoe not only expressed his gratitude for the warm reception of SASS, but also spoke highly of China’s brilliant achievements in the battle against the pandemic. According to him, since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Singapore and China, both countries have made considerable progress in bilateral ties. Singapore is expected to cooperate with China (especially Shanghai) in more fields. In 2019, Shanghai-Singapore Comprehensive Cooperation Council was established, and the 1st meeting was held. The kickoff of such a new working mechanism marks a new milestone in the relationship between China and Singapore. Singapore will do its best to push forward the cooperation between both parties in terms of “The Belt and Road”, financial service, technological innovation, business environment facilitation, urban governance and cultural exchange, among others. According to him, SASS and relevant Singaporean universities and institutions always maintain favorable exchanges. Consulate General of Singapore in Shanghai will continue to provide assistance and support.


Zhu Guohong, Vice President of SASS, Wang Jian, Director of SASS Institute of International Relations, and Cheng Fucai, Director of SASS Office of International Cooperation, were also present. Liew Li Lin, Deputy Consul General of Singapore in Shanghai, were in presence.