About SASS

WANG Zhan(王战)

Wang Zhan, born in 1952, is concurrently Deputy Secretary General of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, Director of Research Office of CPC Municipal Committee and President of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS), as well as Director of Decision-making Advisory Committee and Director of Finance Leading Group of Municipal Government.

Prof. Wang studied at Fudan University from September 1979 to July 1983, majoring in world economy. He was the Assistant Director of Institute of World Economy and Deputy Director of China Economy Research Center of Fudan University. In 1992 he was appointed to the Executive Deputy Director and later, Director of Institute of Economics of Shanghai Municipal Planning Commission, Deputy Director of Research Center of Economy of Shanghai Municipal Government, Deputy Director, and CPC Secretary of Development Research Center of Municipal Government. In 1993 he became the member of Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress; in 1998 a member of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee; in 2007 a member of National People’s Congress (NPC).

Prof. Wang is an expert in the study of world economy, Chinese economy, policy research, strategy of regional economic development, study on reform, and the opening-up and development of Shanghai with high reputation in national consultation on decision-making arena. He was appointed as professor by Fudan University in 1992 and has received special government allowance since 1993. He was awarded the title of ‘Young and Middle-Aged Expert with Distinguishing Contribution’ issued by National Ministry of Personnel in 1998.

Yu Xinhui(于信汇)

Yu Xinhui is the Professor and Secretary of the CPC Committee of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS). Born in 1960, Yu graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Tongji University in1983. Before assuming his current post at SASS in November 2014, Professor Yu served as the Vice Director, the Party Secretary of the CPC committee of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Director of the Office for Students Affairs, and the Assistant President of Tongji University, amongst other roles. Professor Yu assumed his post as Deputy Party Secretary of the CPC Committee in 1995, and concurrently as vice president of Tongji University in 1997. In 1999, he was appointed as the Deputy Party Secretary of the CPC Committee of Shanghai Education Commission; in 2002, as Party Secretary of CPC Committee of Shanghai Sports Institute; and in 2005, as Party Secretary of CPC Committee of Shanghai University.

Professor Yu was in charge of several research projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation and the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission. He was selected for the program for star scientists in science and technology in Shanghai, and also awarded the honorary title of Outstanding Young Teacher in Shanghai.

WANG Yumei(王玉梅)

Wang Yumei, Research Professor, was born  In 1967 in Shanghai. She is incumbent Deputy Secretary of the CPC SASS Committee, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC SASS Committee and Director of Government Performance Evaluation Center of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. She successively served as Director of Office of Human Resources and Deputy Director of Institute of National Economy, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. She also takes such posts as Evaluation Expert for Shanghai Municipal Finance Expenditure Performance Appraisal, Evaluation Expert for Shanghai Municipal Government Procurement and Vice Chairman of Shanghai Research Association of Science for Sciences.

She is mainly engaged in research on industrial policy and government performance appraisal. The major findings include as follows: Industrialization Path of Cultural and Creative Activities, Performance Appraisal of Shanghai Financial Investment for Science and Technology, Research on Evaluation for Shanghai biomedical Industry Development Policies and other national - level and provincial - level decision - making advisory reports. She has published many scholarly works such as Development Trends of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry (2004), Obstacles for Growth of the Chinese Medicine Industry (2007) and Public Expenditure Performance Appraisal: Theory and Practice (2012). She has visited the University of Chicago (the US), the University of Toyama (Japan), the University of Barcelona (Spain) and other universities and research institutions for cooperation and exchange.

HUANG Renwei(黄仁伟)

Huang Renwei, born in Shanghai, China in 1954, holds a PhD in American History, is senior fellow for international strategic studies. He is concurrently the vice president of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. His academic work “The Time and Space of China’s Rise”(2002) has been widely quoted in the academic community of China. 

He also serves as deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Center for International Studies, vice chairman of Shanghai Association of International Relations, vice chairman of Shanghai Association For American Studies, director of the Pudong Institute for US Economy, member of council of Chinese Foundation of Strategic Studies, and a senior fellow of Cross Strait Research Center.

Professor Huang has been active as a visiting professor at Leiden University, Nederland (1997); the Rand Corporation, US (1998); and Stanford University, US (1999).

 YE Qing(叶青)

Ye Qing, JSD, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, is engaged in teaching and studying Criminal Procedure Law and Procedure and Evidence Law. He is also a member of the Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal People's Congress, a Vice Chairman of the Criminal Procedure Law Branch of China Law Society, the Executive Councilman of China Behavior Law Association, a councilman of the Shanghai Law Society, a Vice Chairman of Procedure Law Branch of Shanghai Law Society, a specially invited researcher of Shanghai Municipal People's Prosecution Service, an expert adviser of Shanghai Higher People’s Court, Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court, Shanghai No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court, the Director of Research Center for Procedure Law of China University of Political Science and Law.

Professor Ye used to give lectures during academic exchanges as a visiting scholar at the Columbia College of Macaulay University in Australia, the Law School of University of San Francisco in USA, the Law School of University of Wisconsin in USA, the Law School of Toronto University in Canada, Aoyama Gakuin University of Japan, and Law School of the National University of Singapore.

XIE Jinghui(谢京辉)

XIE Jinghui, born in 1958, Senior Economist, is the Vice President of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and Evaluation Expert of Government Purchasing of Shanghai Municipal Government.

His major research achievements include “Reform and Development of Guilds in Shanghai: Practice and Experience” (2009),  “Exploration, Practice, Innovation” ( 2005), “Regional Difference in Urbanization of China: Analysis Framework and Policy Implications of New System” (2009), “Thoughts and Counter-measures of Improving Modern Infrastructure System as a Hub in YRD region”, (2009), and“Exploration of Management of State-owned Cultural Assets and its Reform: A Case Study of Shanghai” ( 2009).

WANG Zhen(王振)

Wang Zhen, born in 1963, is the research professor and Vice President of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS) (since September 2012). He is in charge of economic research, international relations and human resources. He got his PHD degree in Agricultural Economy from Kyoto University in 1998. As a distinguished scholar on industrial economics, small and medium-sized enterprises and development of rural areas, Professor Wang has published extensively in these fields. His works include “Talent Strategies”, “Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: The Motivation of The Japanese Economy”, “The Second Way for China’s Industrialization” and “The Development and Governance of The Innovative City”.

HE Jianhua(何建华)

HE Jianhua is the vice president of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS). Before joining SASS, he have served successively as the director of Special Issue Department of Shanghai Youth Daily, deputy director of Economics Department of Xinmin Evening Post, director of Office of Press and Publication of the Publicity Department of the CPC Shanghai Committee, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Wenhui Daily and the vice president of the new Shanghai Media Group (SMG).

Mr. HE got his B.A. from Fudan Journalism School and EMBA from Fudan University. His research is specialized in news management, guidance of public opinion and media sector's strategies in crisis management.